Santas Swingers

santaswingersIt’s a Party…

Square dancing is party time every time you do it. Square dancing brings people together for fun and fellowship- even when learning how. The fun starts right on the very first night. You meet new people and make new friends. And the fun keeps right on going as long as you do. It’s a wonderful way to share common interests with other people, and to escape the worry and pressures of today’s busy world.

Square Dance Pledge

With all my ability, I will do my best to help keep square dancing the enjoyable, wholesome, friendly and inspiring activity I know it to be.

This I pledge in the sincere desire that it may grow naturally and unexploited in the coming years and be available to all those who seek the opportunity for friendship, fun and harmony through square dancing.

It’s A Challenge…

Modern square dancing is a mental and physical challenge. It is dancing, it is thinking, it is teamwork. Moving in rhythm to the music keeps you physically fit. Reacting quickly to the square dance caller’s calls keep you mentally on your toes. And your team of eight dancers depends on you to keep those toes moving.

It’s the New Generation of Square Dancing…

Perhaps you think you know square dancing from your school days. Well, think again, because this is not your father’s dance routine. There is new music, from Golden Oldies to Elvis to current hits. There are new dance steps, exciting new patterns that keep changing, and unique calls to learn. Modern square dancing happens in school halls, dance halls, resorts and cruise ships. Square dancers travel to new places all over the world. Even people who don’t speak English square dance. You will find square dance clubs within most countries of the world. They dance in English however they may not speak English. Learn to dance and a whole new world of opportunities for fun and fellowship will open up for you.

It’s About People From All Walks…

Square dancers are all kinds of folks sharing a love of action and teamwork.

Square dancing is movement to music. It is done in couples, with teams of four couples. It is not a spectator sport. It is for the active in heart and mind. Square dance clubs are ready-made groups of friends. There is no better way for active, contemporary people to meet each other and build a circle of friends.

Santa Swingers regular dances and new dancer classes

Regular dances are the 2nd & 4th Saturday each month from 7:30P to 9:30P at the Farthest North Square and Round Dance Center in Pioneer Park

New dancer classes are held in the spring and fall annually. The Santa’s Swingers classes consist of about 20 hours of instruction and practice time. Members of the club attend with the beginners to assist them in learning the moves. The Club tries to have an “angel” for each new dancer.

The Club provides classes in Fall and Spring. The class is usually a 1.5 hr class one day a week for 14 weeks. Caller/Instructor Dave Smith gives clear directions, has good timing and a good singing voice. The Santa’s Swingers Square Dance Club is fortunate that he is the Club Caller.

The classes are held at the Farthest North Square & Round Dance Center in Pioneer Park. New Dancers are asked to bring their smile and desire to dance. Men are asked to wear long sleeve shirts. Coffee, tea and snacks are provided.

Students start dancing with the club before their last class of instruction at the clubs regular Saturday evening dances. The Santa’s Swingers dance from 7:30P to 9:30 PM at the Farthest North Square & Round Dance Center in Pioneer Park on the 2nd and 4th Saturday evenings each month. New dancers may attend these regular club dances at no charge through graduation. Graduation will be held at the first regular dance after completion of the class.

After completing the classes new dancers start attending the club’s regular semimonthly dances. Club members know that new dancers need lots of practice to develop their skills and encourage new dancers to come to the dances.

Regular dances are more fun, more relaxed and really easier than the classes. New dancers have been introduced to all the moves so all they need is ‘floor time’. At club dances there are experienced dancers to help a new dancer remember the various moves introduced at the classes. All of us who square dance had to learn sometime and we all remember those days! Come join us–square dancing is friendship set to music!

The cost for the new dancer class is $10.00 per class. This is a real bargain and you are having fun with great mental and physical exercise as well!

Contact us: You may e-mail us at or call Kandie at 907-699-2345