Dance Groups

Ballroom Dance Club of Fairbanks – and on Facebook
The Ballroom Dance Club is active with both events and semi-semester classes.

Contra Borealis Dancers – and on Facebook
Email: – Phone: 907-457-8957
The Contra Borealis Dancers have been in existence since 1998 and typically hosts twice-monthly dances. It is an active multi-generational and welcoming group with 40-80 attendees typical at each dance and with live music and caller. They also have an annual Labor Day weekend dance camp and more recently an in-town dance weekend.

Fairbanks English Country Dancers – and on Facebook
Email: or 907-378-1066

Prospector Squares – and on Facebook
Email: – Phone: 907-590-8215

Santa Swingers Square Dancers – and on Facebook
Email: – Phone: 907-455-7046

Tundra Caravan Middle Eastern Dance Troupe – and on Facebook
Email: – Phone: Kerry Dean-Hahn 907-378-5503

Other dance groups who use the Dance Hall:

Shine Dance Fitness/Zumba – Contact Lisa at 388-5309
Zumba is a form of energetic dance moves, drawing on soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo and salsa.

Jewels of the North is a Diverse Movement Company that specializes in unique and modern Middle Eastern Belly Dance Fusions. Formed in 2022, Jewels of the North strives to bring balance to the heart and soul through encouragement of creativity with dedication to movement. All levels are welcome, no prior dance experience required, we look forward to dancing with you!!! Like us on Facebook: Jewels of the North Belly Dance and follow us on Instagram @jewelsbellydance or

See the Fairbanks Dance Central website for other Fairbanks dance resources.