The Fairbanks, Alaska dance community is fortunate to have a home at Pioneer Park with our own dance hall. It is maintained by the member dance organizations of the Northern Lights Council of Dancers.

Members in these clubs have joined together to encourage new dancers and new clubs, to coordinate special events to the benefit of all member clubs and to represent dancing in the area as a wholesome and enjoyable recreation.

The member clubs with the Northern Lights Council of Dancers are:

Ballroom Dance Club of Fairbanks – and on Facebook
Email: info@fairbanksballroom.dance

Contra Borealis Dancers – and on Facebook
Email: info@contraborealis.org – Phone: 907-457-8957

Fairbanks English Country Dancers – and on Facebook
Email: dennisrogers55@icloud.com – Phone: 907-378-1066

Prospector Squares – and on Facebook
Email: boynton.april@gmail.com – Phone: 907-388-5309

Santa Swingers Square Dancers – and on Facebook
Email: kjcinak@gmail.com – Phone: 907-699-2345

Tundra Caravan Middle Eastern Dance Troupe – and on Facebook
Email: tundracaravan@gmail.com – Phone: Kerry Dean-Hahn, 907-378-5503

Other dance groups who use the Dance Hall:

ยท Shine Dance Fitness/Zumba – and on Facebook

Jewels of the North, a diverse movement company. More info: jewelsofthenorthllc@mail.com or Instagram @jewelsbellydance

All of our dance clubs welcome dancers from all over to dance with us.

We welcome other groups who might want to use the dance hall when not otherwise reserved. It has previously been used for weddings, celebrations of life, and other events, but no bar mitzvahs to date.

For more information, call the Northern Lights Council of Dancers at 907-699-2345 or contact us at info@dancealaska.org.